Contact Dunkin’ Now to Ask for (More) Dunkin Vegan Options!

As the world’s largest coffee and baked good chain, Dunkin’ Donuts needs to hear from you about the increasing interest in dairy- and egg-free options. Your comments are already working! Customer requests prompted the company to start offering almond milk for coffee (read more about this good news)!

Please use the form below to send a brief and polite email to Dunkin’: Thank Dunkin’ for adding almond milk and encourage the company to take the next step by adding a Dunkin vegan donut to the menu!

Let Dunkin’ know that a growing number of consumers are looking for vegan options, whether they’re concerned about their health, have allergies, or want to make kinder food choices. Feel free to say what city/state you’re writing from, and when you hit “submit” your letter will be sent directly to Dunkin’.

You can also then follow up by calling the company to share this same message: 1-800-859-5339.

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